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True social justice 2 years ago
Reminder that lying about being on birth control is rape. Stay alert kings, don't be taken advantage of.
3 years ago
Kinda rude but fuck it, she better not try n come back with the baby and say I gotta provide or sum shit
Someone with eyes... 3 years ago
"you wanna fuck me?... hey, for added fantasy, I'll show me not taking off my shorts before I fake sex"
AyeeSlaty 2 years ago
When she said wonna have some fun i thought she was finna pull out some pokemon cards or sum
Literally 2 years ago
My worst nightmare!

And I still came....
Autismo 2 years ago
Wouldn't let her walk away she boutta take 3-4 more
2 years ago
Had to play back cause I missed the part where I was suppose to cum. That ending made me laugh haha!
3 years ago
Does anybody know her name?
3 years ago
what a badders
1 year ago
Now make a sequel where she comes back a year & 1/2 later, homeless and asking for money lol