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Damn 6 years ago
They don't make them like they used to
lizabetta southwhore 8 years ago
When I have a son, I will teach him everything he needs to know about sex. Starting with him sucking on my tits while nursing, I'll spend a lot of time washing his little dick so he'll be familiar with and enjoy my handling it. Then he needs to go from sucking my tits to licking my cunt lips. Oh, there is so much I can teach him, until he gets married, then his can teach his wife how to care for him.
guess 7 years ago
movie name??
xxx 6 years ago
Cyndee Summers. Letters of Love (1985)
Peter 6 years ago
Beautiful women
Nasty as always 6 years ago
The 1st time seeing family members who were into incest, as they were naked and fucking and sucking, were my next door neighbors. I couldn't believe it at 1st, as their cousins and aunt and uncle would visit the neighbors, the moms were sisters. As adults were partying at our house, their cousins invited my sister and I to play next door a game. But it was real naked family members fucking and sucking, we watched the uncle fuck his daughter/niece sister in law.
giridhar 10 years ago
very fine show. I am 63 years old. I remember that day 40 years ago, when on a lonely night at home, I forced myself on my menfriendly mother. Iwas initially resisted, but on overpowering her and she seeing my penis covered by nirodh, she co-operated for one full hour. I was repentent for about a month or so, but thereafter we had several long sessions. yes she is no more now. But the memory is vivid.
Name 8 years ago
is Cyndee Summers
smith 8 years ago
I liked how she took bath with no water.
NAPAman 7 years ago
If she's so hot and horny, why aren't her nipples hard? FAKE!